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Returning once More

2017-02-15 07:45:25 by RaShaw

So kind of dropped off this community, was never one I really did a whole lot in anyways, but figured it best to give a second chance. So will be back here once more, probably posting some Graphics and whatnot.


2016-08-21 21:06:46 by RaShaw

Back in the community, I apologize for gaps and vanishing, life gets busy..

New Artwork coming to the World

2016-02-28 19:13:23 by RaShaw

Will be working on illustrating a short story into comicbook format for a group. Would love to show them off here when complete and get everyone's feedback.

Getting 0-1 ratings?

2016-01-31 22:55:15 by RaShaw

Getting 0-1 ratings?.. Um, okay, I guess not everyone enjoys my art and I'm not exactly upset about it. More so confused, since getting the lowest rating within an hour or two of three pieces back to back. Seems like it was the same person too, since there have only been two votes for each piece. Since they had 4-5 with the first vote, someone gave them, all the same rating causing them to all drop to 2.5

I'm just confused as to why..